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Thursday April 22, 2021

Flood-ravaged NSW holiday park residents struggle to rebuild a month later

21:07 AEST A month after severe flooding, residents of a northern New South Wales holiday park are struggling to rebuild and some desperately need help.
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Backpackers rescued after being trapped by floodwaters in Far North Queensland

ABC image 04:20 AEST Four backpackers have been winched to safety after they were trapped by floodwaters in a far north Queensland valley for several days.
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Wednesday April 21, 2021

Charleville commemorates 31 years since devastating 1990 flood

ABC image 02:27 AEST It was something Colin McDonald never thought he'd see.
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Flooding rain lashes Far North Queensland, prompting dozens of emergency calls

ABC image 00:58 AEST Heavy rain is continuing to lash parts of Far North Queensland with emergency services attending dozens of jobs overnight.
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Historic WA early settler weather journals set to help understand climate change

00:23 AEST Weather journals kept by Australia's early settlers, detailing daily observations decades before official record keeping began, are expected to shed light on weather variability in one of the world?s climate change hotspots.
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Tuesday April 20, 2021

Melbourne weather: Cold front crossing Victoria bringing rain and possible hail to city and regions

07:15 AEST Temperatures around Melbourne have dropped more than 5 degrees Celsius in 90 minutes as a gusty cold front moves across the state.
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Rain drenches parts of Far North Queensland, with more forecast later this week

ABC image 05:58 AEST Roads have been cut and rivers have burst their banks in parts of Far North Queensland, as heavy rain continues to drench the region.
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Monday April 19, 2021

NSW floods break 120-year-old rain records during March rain event, BOM says

ABC image 22:56 AEST The entire New South Wales coast experienced its wettest week ever during last month's floods, according to a (BOM).
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Dung beetles dig in to rejuvenate Queensland grazier's drought-ravaged land

ABC image 21:48 AEST After introducing thousands of dung beetles to her property, a Queensland grazier is seeing incredible results.
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Rainfalls of up to 300mm as Far North Queensland placed on flood watch

ABC image 21:15 AEST The Bureau of Meteorology has warned parts of Far North Queensland could expect daily rainfall totals of up to 300 millimetres in coming days.
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Budgies transform Red Centre into a sea of green and gold

ABC image 09:01 AEST Waterholes in the Red Centre have been transformed into a lush oasis for Australia's iconic green and gold budgerigar.
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Sunday April 18, 2021

Smell of smoke across Adelaide CBD and suburbs blamed on burn-off in hills

ABC image 23:22 AEST Residents across parts of Adelaide have awoken to the smell of smoke, with a burn-off in the Adelaide Hills believed to be the cause.
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Saturday April 17, 2021

Drought-addled mining town Mount Morgan, where water tastes like dirt

ABC image 23:30 AEST As parts of Queensland revel in the liquid gold brought by La Niña, a mother in a former mining town pours water left in a glass back into a plastic bottle.
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How two men helped keep the flood-prone town of Goondiwindi dry for 65 years

23:12 AEST Residents of Goondiwindi didn't run for higher ground when floodwaters reached major levels in the Macintyre River this month.
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Unseasonably chilly winds to bring showers, even highland snow to Australia's southeast

13:55 AEST Much of the coming week or so looks like staying cooler than average in Australia's southeast due to the passing of frequent fronts which also bring the chance of snowfalls to the peaks.
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Autumn break a strange affair as wild weather brings rain to east and west coasts while centre stays dry

ABC image 02:22 AEST A cyclone on one side and flooding rains on the other has set up an unusual autumn break for the far east and west this year.
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Friday April 16, 2021

Record cattle prices may slow national herd recovery as farmers struggle to restock

ABC image 21:23 AEST Record cattle prices are making it hard for producers trying to restock and may put the brakes on the national herd's drought recovery.
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Cyclone Seroja disaster relief payments extended in WA's Mid West after hundreds of homes hit

ABC image 08:31 AEST The federal government has announced a disaster recovery payment and allowance for people affected by Tropical Cyclone Seroja is being extended, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison toured the cyclone-struck region.
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Cyclone sees Australian Defence Force sent to Northampton in WA to help residents rebuild

ABC image 07:42 AEST The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has been sent to Western Australia's Mid West region to help thousands of people get back on their feet after Tropical Cyclone Seroja carved a path of destruction through the state.
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Tables turn for BlazeAid volunteer after floods tear through his Mid North Coast farm

ABC image 05:08 AEST After volunteering for BlazeAid for more than 12 months since the 2019?20 bushfires tore through his community, Bowraville farmer Bryan Watts has found himself on the other side of the fence following the recent floods.
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Cyclone-hit banana farmers say they requested wage subsidies in March, contrary to Mark Furner's comments

ABC image 02:15 AEST A disaster-hit grower who hosted Agriculture Minister Mark Furner on his flattened banana farm says the MP's claims he was unaware of requests for wage subsidies are wrong.
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Thursday April 15, 2021

Emergency water to cost ratepayers $70k per week, as they seek solutions

ABC image 04:53 AEST Frustrated Mount Morgan residents want a long-term solution to their dwindling town water supply in central Queensland, as carting water is costing the region's ratepayers $70,000 a week.
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Darwin's Timor-Leste community pleads for faster flood disaster response

ABC image 02:59 AEST Fernanda Borges remembers Australia assisting Timor-Leste when the tiny country was struggling with violence after its independence vote.
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Helicopter rescues now 1,000 km closer for Gascoyne and Pilbara

ABC image 02:22 AEST A not-for-profit helicopter rescue service is due to launch in Carnarvon in the middle of this year, filling a much-needed rescue gap across a huge swathe of the Gascoyne and Pilbara.
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Wednesday April 14, 2021

Police helicopter officer nails three difficult rescues in Tasmania's wilderness in first week

ABC image 23:01 AEST Constable Bryan Powell had to call on every bit of his helicopter rescue training during his first week on the job.
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Family-owned cotton farm sells for speculated $100 million to Australian interests

ABC image 22:36 AEST One of Australia's best mixed-farming operations with more than 6,000 megalitres of water entitlements has sold for a speculated price of about $100 million.
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Dookie in regional Victoria named as new site for Victoria's drought resilience hub

ABC image 07:59 AEST The University of Melbourne's Dookie Campus has been named as the site for the multimillion-dollar Drought Resilience Adoption Hub in Victoria.
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Dog alerts owners to neighbour's cries for help after farm accident with ride-on mower

ABC image 06:00 AEST A man severely injured in a farm accident in an area hit by flooding rains just days earlier says he owes his life to his neighbour's dog.
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Storm-hit banana growers to receive extra $50K in grants after weeks of uncertainty

ABC image 03:52 AEST Storm-stricken banana farmers have cautiously welcomed the Queensland Government's latest move to increase assistance grants as they battle to recover from the disaster.
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Tuesday April 13, 2021

Kalbarri destruction from Cyclone Seroja could take two years to rebuild as residents count cost

ABC image 23:37 AEST Cyclone victims could be left homeless and facing a two-year wait to rebuild amid labour and materials shortages in Australia as they deal with the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Seroja.
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The rare weather phenomenon which sent Cyclone Seroja down south

ABC image 21:23 AEST People in the small tourist towns of Kalbarri and Northampton in WA woke on Monday morning to utter destruction left in the path of ex-tropical cyclone Seroja.
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Cyclone Seroja leaves Kalbarri residents 'shell-shocked' as power may be out for days

ABC image 13:58 AEST The power could be out for days in the Mid West region after towns were decimated by ex-Tropical Cyclone Seroja on Sunday night, which ripped roofs off buildings, uprooted trees and flooded streets.
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Northerly winds cause dust storms in SA, roads closed after three-car crash

ABC image 07:37 AEST Authorities have closed roads and issued warnings to motorists as dust storms move across South Australia.
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Debris in swollen Hawkesbury River causing problems for fishers and boaties

ABC image 01:28 AEST Boaties and fishers are continuing to dodge debris submerged in the Hawkesbury River following last month's floods.
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Monday April 12, 2021

North Queensland banana farmer furious at lack of assistance after wind damage

ABC image 23:03 AEST An Innisfail banana producer says growers are not receiving enough support six weeks after freak winds devastated the region's farms.
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Ex-Tropical Cyclone Seroja destroys homes, historic jetty and leaves thousands without power

ABC image 21:44 AEST Kalbarri has been decimated by ex-Tropical Cyclone Seroja with authorities estimating damage to about 70 per cent of the town's buildings.
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Total fire bans announced for nine South Australian districts ahead of windy conditions

ABC image 21:38 AEST Total fire bans have been issued across nine South Australian districts for Tuesday, as "very strong northerly winds" cause dangerous fire weather conditions.
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Ex-tropical cyclone Seroja moves well south of the continent so don't expect more tropical rain

ABC image 20:26 AEST Ex-tropical cyclone Seroja has already made its way into the Great Australian Bight and out to sea, dashing hopes for any desired boost to rainfall in the south-east.
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Big surf flips boulders across road in Port Fairy, reigniting climate change, coastal erosion concerns

ABC image 10:54 AEST Wild surf has battered Victoria's south-west coast, sweeping large boulders onto roads and trapping a family on an island off Port Fairy.
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Tools rescued from NSW floods repaired by Men's Shed volunteers to help in recovery effort

ABC image 04:01 AEST In a rescue mission of a different kind, hundreds of flood-damaged tools and machinery worth hundreds of thousands of dollars are being repaired and returned to their owners to help in recovery efforts.  Like many others on the NSW Mid North Coast, Andy McCoubrie could do little but watch as homes and businesses were flooded three weeks ago, including his own workshop.
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Sunday April 11, 2021

Wide Bay Burnett remains desperately dry despite La Niña drenching much of Australia

20:49 AEST It is a map that tells an encouraging story for most of Australia but a cruel tale for an unlucky few.
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Tropical Cyclone Seroja makes landfall, weakens to category two system

ABC image 18:48 AEST The destructive core of Tropical Cyclone Seroja is moving inland north of Geraldton after wind gusts of up to 170 kph were reported during landfall.
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Body of woman, 78, missing since floods is found on rural property

ABC image 01:29 AEST Police believe a body discovered yesterday belongs to a woman who went missing from the New South Wales Mid North Coast during last month's floods.
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Floods and landslides in Timor-Leste prompt 'overwhelming' response from Darwin community

ABC image 01:10 AEST Salina Barreto has relatives in Timor-Leste whose homes have been washed down mountains after recent flooding and landslides.
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Saturday April 10, 2021

Carbon dioxide levels reach historic high as Joe Biden calls world leaders to climate talks

ABC image 22:49 AEST Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere reached a milestone 421 parts per million last weekend, the highest concentration in 3.6 million years according to the .
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Tropical Cyclone Seroja strengthens off WA coast as communities prepare for landfall

ABC image 11:57 AEST A yellow alert has been issued for people in or near Carnarvon, down to Kalbarri, but not including the Kalbarri or Carnarvon townsites.
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Cyclone Odette forms off WA coast in rare weather event with Cyclone Seroja, triggering blue alert

ABC image 01:17 AEST A second tropical cyclone has formed off Western Australia, triggering a blue alert across a major section of the state's coastline from just south of Coral Bay to Geraldton.
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Friday April 9, 2021

Farmer almost loses his faithful dogs in heroic cattle flood rescue

ABC image 11:14 AEST A cattleman almost lost his trusty companions who risked it all when rescuing dozens of stranded cattle in the NSW Mid North Coast floods.
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Timor-Leste is reeling from record floods and people are just beginning to let it sink in

ABC image 08:37 AEST When the floods came, Markus dos Santos lost almost everything.
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Beach erosion and big swell forecast for South Australia prompts warnings to stay away from beaches

ABC image 05:21 AEST Beach erosion and extremely hazardous boating conditions are expected across most of the South Australian coast this weekend, with a massive swell prompting the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) to warn people to stay away from affected cliffs and beaches.
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After some decent rain, is Queensland's record drought finally over?

ABC image 00:06 AEST The paddocks are green, the cows are happy, and many farmers are smiling after weeks of rain.
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Thursday April 8, 2021

Cyclones to bring more rain further south in future, say the weather experts

ABC image 20:55 AEST As a pack of tropical lows looms off the WA coast, the latest forecast is for the biggest, Tropical Cyclone Seroja, to continue south-west and turn towards the coast on Saturday.
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Cyclone Seroja brewing off WA coast joined by two tropical lows

ABC image 08:48 AEST The cyclone brewing off the coast of Western Australia has now been joined by two other tropical lows nearby, adding to an already rare weather event.
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Flood traps family of five who hike to safety after days isolated at rainforest cabin in Upper Lansdowne

ABC image 03:15 AEST James Archer says his wife is a true hero for helping save their young family when floodwaters surrounded their remote cabin.
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Forecasting extreme weather to assist emergency services response in Tasmania

ABC image 00:25 AEST Tasmania experiences an amazing range of weather that can be beautiful or bleak.
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Wednesday April 7, 2021

Barwon River flood transforms tiny border town of Mungindi after drought, COVID and fire

ABC image 22:59 AEST For the past 12 months, Mungindi residents have had little to smile about.  The border town ? split between Queensland and New South Wales ? lost its only supermarket and butcher in a massive fire last September, compounding weeks of stress over COVID-19 border restrictions that cut the community off from key services.
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Two looming cyclones off WA set to create rare weather phenomenon known as Fujiwhara Effect

ABC image 10:52 AEST A rare weather phenomenon is developing off the West Australian coast as two brewing cyclones look set to interact this week.
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Floods reveal 'unbelievable' discovery, family boat washes 70km downstream to uncle's backyard

ABC image 02:42 AEST In 2016, an aluminium boat provided the perfect setting for Brad Gow's wedding proposal.  Five years later,  it has provided another silver lining for his flood-ravaged family ? finding its way home after being swept away in a raging river.
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Tuesday April 6, 2021

Blue Mountains' greater glider population found to have crashed by estimated 60 per cent

ABC image 20:54 AEST Bushfires, drought, and heatwaves have smashed the population of native greater gliders in New South Wales' Blue Mountains by around 60 per cent, new research has found.
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Deluge misses flowing into Wivenhoe Dam, north-west of Brisbane, with water levels just 'a tick over 37 per cent'

ABC image 19:40 AEST More than 10 dams in south-east Queensland are overflowing after steady rain but the region's largest, Wivenhoe Dam north-west of Brisbane, has missed out, authorities say.  Residents in south-east Queensland are being asked to conserve water as dams central to the region have not received as much rainfall as their coastal counterparts during the deluge over the last week.
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Steady rain brings localised flash flooding to south-east Queensland, tourism operators hoping for reprieve

ABC image 04:02 AEST Queensland tourism operators say they've had "doubly bad luck" this Easter weekend, with last week's lockdown and poor weather prompting waves of cancellations across the state.
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ABC Mid North Coast journalist Luisa Rubbo went from reporting on Port Macquarie floods to being evacuated from her home

ABC image 00:50 AEST In my 20 years living and raising our family in Port Macquarie, on the NSW Mid North Coast, I have never seen the floodwater come so high around our house.
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Monday April 5, 2021

Australian government to support Timor-Leste flood recovery after at least 27 people die

09:47 AEST The Australian government says it "stands ready" to help Timor-Leste after devastating floods hit the country, forcing thousands to take refuge and leaving at least 27 people dead.  The fledgling democracy was hammered by intense rain and storms on the weekend, sending surging torrents of water through towns and villages, and turning the streets of the capital Dili into canals.
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Threat of severe weather eases as low remains further off south-east Queensland coast

ABC image 02:16 AEST A severe weather warning for south-east Queensland has been cancelled as a low pressure system sits further offshore, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) says.
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Sunday April 4, 2021

Platypuses more affected by bushfires than drought, study finds

ABC image 21:49 AEST In November 2019, the Mid North Coast of New South Wales was ravaged by bushfires, prompting researchers to conduct a study on the region's platypus numbers nine months later.
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Easter drenching begins as Queensland coastal areas expected to be battered with wild weather

ABC image 12:07 AEST Parts of Queensland are bracing for extreme weather overnight and into Easter Monday, with central and coastal regions already copping a drenching amid several wild weather warnings.  The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued a severe weather warning for parts of the Wide Bay, Burnett and south-east coast regions, stretching from Seventeen Seventy down to Bribie Island.
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Saturday April 3, 2021

BOM weather warning for South East Queensland may put a dampener on Easter weekend celebrations

ABC image 23:08 AEDT South East Queensland residents have been warned to stay home on Easter Monday, with severe weather forecast to bring rain, hail and damaging winds.
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Recovery from record drought under way for farming communities in south-west Queensland

ABC image 21:25 AEDT Widespread rain and flooding have put drought-affected communities in south-west Queensland on the path to recovery.
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