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Saturday October 23, 2021

Promising signs of SA dry spell coming to an end

17:13 AEDT Much of South Australia has had little or no rain during the past week or so, making some farmers nervous, but they shouldn't have to wait too much longer.
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Friday October 22, 2021

How common are tornadoes in Queensland and is it a sign of things to come?

ABC image 20:41 AEDT It's been a week of wild weather for eastern Queensland, with severe storms, record-breaking giant hail, and three tornadoes.
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Tornado impacts Brisbane Airport in supercell storm event, more wild weather predicted for weekend from inland low pressure system

ABC image 13:22 AEDT A tornado hit near Brisbane Airport on Friday morning as a supercell storm event moved across the area, bringing intense rain and strong winds, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has confirmed.
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Thursday October 21, 2021

Severe storms whack south-east Queensland with hail and heavy rainfall

ABC image 23:34 AEDT Severe storms have once again made landfall in south-east Queensland, with multiple reports of heavy rain and hail across the region.
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Scientists working to predict 'freak' fire weather simulate some of Australia's toughest blazes

ABC image 04:45 AEDT When former NSW Rural Fire Service district manager Superintendent Patrick Westwood described the "freakish" weather and winds of fires he attended, he said "veteran firefighters don't believe what they saw".
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Massive clean-up after terrifying hailstorm that ravaged Coffs Harbour

00:51 AEDT A huge hailstorm that battered Coffs Harbour and stunned residents and emergency workers on Wednesday has left a damage bill in the hundreds of millions, says a local MP.
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Wednesday October 20, 2021

BOM forecasts more storms for southern Queensland after wild day across the state

ABC image 22:50 AEDT More storms are forecast for the southern half of Queensland today as the annual severe storm season continues to wreak havoc around the state.
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Raging hailstorm sweeps through Coffs Harbour, damaging local businesses and homes

ABC image 13:25 AEDT A severe hailstorm and ferocious winds have hit the Coffs Harbour area on the New South Wales Mid North Coast, causing the roof of a shopping centre at Toormina to collapse and damaging other businesses and homes.
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Parts of central Queensland pummelled by hail as severe storms continue in the south-east

ABC image 10:35 AEDT More intense storms have hammered parts of central Queensland this afternoon, again bringing reports of giant hail, fast-paced winds and localised heavy rain.
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More wild weather brewing for Queensland as authorities brace for 'state of extremes'

ABC image 04:51 AEDT Severe thunderstorms with giant hailstones, heavy rain and destructive winds are expanding across Queensland's central and south-east regions, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) says.
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Tuesday October 19, 2021

BOM says 'Australian record'-sized hailstones have fallen on North Queensland

ABC image 13:13 AEDT The Bureau of Meteorology says Tuesday's storm in Bloomsbury and Yalboroo, north of Mackay in North Queensland, may have created the largest hailstones seen in Australia since records began.  "We've seen some convincing images of hail up against a tape measure of 16cm," Australian Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Shane Kennedy said.
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BOM forecasts potentially record temperatures during Northern Territory heatwave

ABC image 08:03 AEDT A heatwave in the Northern Territory is expected to reach its peak in the middle of this week, with some areas being warned to brace for potential record temperatures.
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Widespread rain and gusty winds hit WA's south, Mid West, while north set to bake

ABC image 03:45 AEDT Strong winds have brought down trees and left homes without power as a significant weather system hit WA's west coast this morning.  The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) issued a severe weather warning this morning for a large chunk of the state including Perth and parts of the Pilbara, Midwest-Gascoyne, Goldfields-Midlands and South West.
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Snow-like hail and tornado lash Darling Downs in severe storm event

ABC image 01:32 AEDT Queensland's Darling Downs is reeling from severe storms that hit "like a freight train", bringing a tornado, large hail and a deluge of rain.
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Monday October 18, 2021

Two tornadoes seen as severe storms sweep across Queensland

ABC image 14:22 AEDT Two tornadoes have been observed as severe thunderstorms with large hail and heavy rain moved across large parts of Queensland.
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Saturday October 16, 2021

Coffee and cakes baked with love, as Armidale community recovers after tornado

ABC image 23:56 AEDT Northern Tableland locals have filled the hearts and bellies of work crews and residents affected by a tornado that swept through Armidale.  Thursday evening's tornado was one of several weather fronts that travelled across the state, bringing with them severe winds, rain and hail.  The area went more than 24 hours without electricity or treated water before power was returned to the community at about 10.30pm on Friday.
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Contrails: Why do they form?

12:00 AEDT With travel restrictions beginning to gradually ease and international borders beginning to slowly open, airplanes, and the contrails they form are likely to become more frequent over the next few months.
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Friday October 15, 2021

Severe storm warnings issued for central, north Queensland with weather clearing in the south-east

ABC image 05:53 AEDT A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for parts of central and north Queensland, while a separate warning for south-east Queensland has been cancelled.
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Thursday October 14, 2021

Flash flooding after deluge falls on Traralgon residents for third time this year

ABC image 22:15 AEDT The eastern Victorian town of Traralgon has faced its third round of flash flooding this year, with forecasts of even more rain on the way.   Traralgon received 40 millimetres of rain on Thursday afternoon, with 22 millimetres falling in a 30-minute period.  Local State Emergency Services crews responded to 68 calls for help in Traralgon, including from two people who had to be rescued after they tried to drive through floodwaters.  Regional agency commander with the SES Di Batley said it was a "timely reminder" about the danger of floodwaters.  "People do really need to be aware of their local area, and please, don't drive through floodwaters," she said.  She also said this year's previous flooding and high rainfall had made Traralgon Creek more likely to flood again.  "Historically, this amount of rain if it fell over a 12-hour period, there would be no impact to the community," she said.  "But as the catchments are so saturated at the moment, this just highlights how quickly the Traralgon creek can rise and affect roads."  'Not out of the woods'  Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Chris Arvier said Traralgon received 22 millimetres of rain in just half an hour.  "This showery weather is caused by a low pressure system which is moving away from the state, so the good news is conditions are likely to ease as we head into the weekend and beyond," he said.  "[But] we're not out of the woods yet.
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BOM forecasts more wild weather for east coast after tornado rips through NSW's northern tablelands

21:52 AEDT Vehicles were turned over and roofs were torn from houses after a tornado was seen forming over a northern New South Wales town late last night.
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Ceiling collapses at Sydney shopping centre as wild weather dumps giant hailstones

ABC image 19:54 AEDT Shoppers ran for cover as the ceiling collapsed inside the Westfield shopping centre at Mount Druitt while a fast-moving and unpredictable storm swept across Sydney's west.
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Severe storms have hit Sydney, and much of eastern Australia remains in the firing line

ABC image 19:43 AEDT The latest round of wild weather has brought large hail and heavy rain as supercell thunderstorms formed over eastern Australia.
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Dog that survived being sucked into tornado near Lithgow returns home from vet

ABC image 02:47 AEDT A dog that was sucked up and tossed 300 metres by a tornado on the New South Wales Central Tablelands has returned home after two weeks at the vet.  The September 30 twister carved out a 30-kilometre path of destruction between Bathurst and Lithgow.  Pom Pom the Pomeranian weighs 1.5 kilograms and her owners say she stood little chance of staying on the ground in the storm, which ripped off roofs and demolished houses.  She was picked up and thrown into a nearby paddock.  Her owner, Scott McKinnon, had his house at Meadow Flat near Lithgow flattened in what he described as the most destructive 30 seconds of his life.  The 115kg tree lopper and world record-holding coal shoveller clung onto the kitchen bench for his life as the tornado struck.  Once back on his feet, Mr McKinnon saw outside the window what he described was "like a scene out of the Wizard Of Oz".
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BOM weather warning for south-east Queensland, with risk of giant hail, destructive wind gusts and intense rainfall

ABC image 01:43 AEDT Severe storms have dumped torrential rain on southern Queensland, but the worst is yet to come, with the chance supercells will produce giant hail and even tornadoes later today.
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Wednesday October 13, 2021

Supercell thunderstorms set to batter south-east Queensland as BOM warns of 'giant hail', destructive winds

ABC image 09:47 AEDT South-east Queensland should prepare for a battering on Thursday, with several supercell storms set to sweep in from the west, bringing "giant hail", the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has warned.
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Spring soaking on the way for Melbourne, with a month's worth of rain due over a few days

ABC image 05:41 AEDT A month's worth of rain over four days is about to make Melbourne's already lush green spaces even greener.
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Tuesday October 12, 2021

BOM declares La Niña alert as the east braces for storms this week

ABC image 14:14 AEDT The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has announced a La Niña alert, signalling a 70 per cent chance that the rainfall-encouraging climate driver will form in the coming months.  The BOM has indicated the shift from La Niña watch to La Niña alert has come after the eastern Pacific Ocean continued to cool throughout September.  Six of the seven climate models the BOM monitor now indicate Australia will reach La Niña status by November.
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WA records fifth snowfall of year, equal second most on record

09:09 AEDT Western Australia has recorded its fifth snowfall of the year today and the equal second-most on record.
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Monday October 11, 2021

Outback Queensland cops major drenching as BOM signals early wet season

ABC image 22:54 AEDT Residents in rural and regional Queensland are celebrating a second night of heavy rain, and hopes are high for an early start to the wet season.  Severe storms brought three times the monthly average of rainfall to some towns in the state's north-west, according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).
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BOM severe weather outlook for 2021-22 suggests floods, cyclones on the cards

ABC image 22:44 AEDT The severe weather season is here, and floods and cyclones are on the forecast.  The Bureau of Meteorology has just released its outlook for the severe weather season, and senior climatologist Greg Browning says, like every year, we need to be prepared.  Tropical cyclones  The long-term average is for 11 cyclones to form in Australian waters and for four to cross the coast.  But that value has been slipping over recent decades.
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Severe thunderstorms, large hail and heavy falls forecast for south-east Queensland this week

ABC image 22:31 AEDT Weather activity across south-east Queensland this week will be "one to watch" with a risk of severe thunderstorms, large hail and heavy rainfall.
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Queensland to delay lockout of commercial beekeepers from national parks

ABC image 21:55 AEDT The Queensland government has announced legislative amendments to postpone a lockout of beekeepers from some national parks for 20 years.
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More tropical cyclones predicted in earlier than usual Western Australian season

06:21 AEDT Western Australia's first tropical cyclone of the year could hit before Christmas, as the weather bureau predicts an earlier and potentially more frequent cyclone season.
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Heightened risk from cyclones, fires and floods for Queensland this summer, weather bureau warns

ABC image 01:55 AEDT Queensland is facing an increased risk from a trifecta of natural disasters this summer, according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).
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Sunday October 10, 2021

What is a cold front?

13:21 AEDT If you've ever looked at a satellite image of Australia and seen a comma shaped cloud, you may have wondered exactly what it was.
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Saturday October 9, 2021

Southern coastal Queensland misses out on rain again as severe drought persists

ABC image 20:28 AEDT Despite predictions of a wetter spring for much of eastern Australia, southern coastal Queensland received average or below average rainfall during September, prolonging at least 18 months of severe rainfall deficiencies in the region.
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Friday October 8, 2021

Comboyne locals rally to revitalise their mountain-top town after trifecta of drought, bushfires, floods

ABC image 23:04 AEDT In a scenic, mountain-top village, a slice of history is being brought back to life, as locals rally to revitalise their town.
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Rain set to drench parts of outback Queensland in the coming days

ABC image 05:16 AEDT The Bureau of Meteorology has said parts of outback Queensland are set to be drenched with significant rainfall expected in the coming days.   The bureau said a trough over central Australia will move towards Queensland's west over the weekend, before steadily progressing eastwards early next week.
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Thursday October 7, 2021

Coral bleaching extent shown in new study, with WA reefs suffering more than Great Barrier Reef

ABC image 21:22 AEDT A major analysis of global coral reef health has raised concern about the frequency of bleaching events in Western Australia.
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Monday October 4, 2021

Ecology fears over plan to divert more water from Shoalhaven to Sydney in water sharing agreement

20:06 AEDT The Shoalhaven River and the oyster farms downstream could be at risk if the new Draft Greater Sydney Water Strategy is adopted, according to Independent NSW MP Justin Field.  In the strategy released last week, the NSW government has proposed to send more water from the Shoalhaven River to Sydney to supplement its drinking water supplies.  It proposes to transfer water from the Shoalhaven's Tallowa Dam when Warragamaba Dam levels drop to 85 per cent, rather than the current 75 per cent.  Mr Field says earlier transfers could have a significant environmental impact on the river, especially during the next drought.
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Brisbane records hottest October day since 2004

ABC image 07:52 AEDT Brisbane has recorded its hottest October day since 2004, with the temperature today hitting 36.6 degrees earlier this afternoon.
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Sunday October 3, 2021

A closer look at fog

16:20 AEDT Many parts of Sydney woke up to fog this morning, with the visibility dropping to around 100m in places like Bankstown and Camden - but what exactly happened? In its simplest definition, fog is just suspended water droplets near the surface of the earth.
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